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At Neptune Networks, we deliver high-quality bond market data from sell-side banks to buy-side clients. Our technology enables real-time connectivity between banks and investors which leads to meaningful conversations, satisfying the immediate requirements of each party and ultimately, increasing trade volumes.



Real-time, structured and standardised connectivity means a reduction of “noise” and inaccurate data.

Ease of Connectivity

The use of FIX allows for ease of connectivity via OMS/EMS, or via our own GUI.


Ability to participate in Neptune’s governance and future evolution via the Buy-Side Advisory Group and buy-side Board representation.

Enhance Relationships

We exist only to enhance buy-side and sell-side relationships by making enquiries and trading more targeted, reducing information leakage and allowing for more precise best execution.

Highest Quality

Highest quality, pre-trade bond data available via one-connection, from the leading sell-side market makers in fixed income.

The Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) is a fully automated generator of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) for OTC derivatives. The DSB is the first numbering agency designed to operate on a global basis and to meet the particular requirements of the derivatives markets.


In its simplest form, LABS is a reliable & user-friendly data aggregation tool built with front office users in mind in order to enhance their workflow and ensuring they can take advantage of every opportunity to engage clients with real-time, targeted information.


Bespoke Solution

A purpose-built system tailored to the nature of client interactions and coveted intelligence in the loan space.

Support for Rapid Data Input

Designed to facilitate rapid input of client data in a user-friendly, sales-orientated manner.

Big Data for Analysis

All data (including history up to 10 years) can be stored in 1 database to allow continuous real-time analysis and tracking.

Quick Navigation

Quick navigation between screens. a.) Client’s interests in a deal (i.e. Holdings, Trades, Axes, Client colour b.) All client info on 1 page

Optimized UI

Optimized user interface that gives greater control to the users and the firm and allows straight forward filtering, navigation (using links), grouping and summarization of info.

Flexible Data Integration

Flexible in design to incorporate further data streams from internal or external sources as required to give Sales and Trading the best opportunity to service their clients needs.



Etrading Software has been selected to create and operate the service to generate Unique Product Identifiers for OTC Derivatives as mandated by the Financial Stability Board. This work is being performed as part of our Management Services Provider mandate for the ANNA DSB.


A UPI will be assigned to an over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives product and used for identifying the product in transaction reporting data. This will enable authorities to aggregate data on OTC derivatives transactions by product or by any UPI reference data element. Such aggregation will facilitate the effective use of OTC trade reporting data, including helping authorities assess systemic risk and detect market abuse.


Etrading Software is set to be the exclusive Registration Authority (RA) for new the International Organisation Standardization’s (ISO), standard for Digital Token Identifiers (DTIs).



  • Price discovery and Liquidity Management
  • Simplified reporting functions
  • Positive impact on operational risk management

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