Solutions for financial institutions to reduce costs and standardise communications.

How we work


Technology-led Solutions

Etrading Software provides technology-led solutions, from discussion and design through to implementation and provides on-going operational support and system governance. This can include providing the appropriate third party CEO, CFO, sales function or operations staff. Etrading Software provides a high level of service and aftercare, beyond implementation.

Engagement Model

With its growing complement of ready-to-use solutions and deep knowledge base across business, product & technology, Etrading Software partners with its clients to achieve their business objectives rapidly using the latest technologies. Etrading Software offers clients the ability to choose a full end-to-end service, from incubation of ideas through to execution and day to day operations of new services and with Etrading Software’s robust governance models and strong transparency ensures clients always have appropriate oversight and control.



Communication with Regulators

Etrading Software prides itself on its open channels of communication with a wide range of regulatory bodies and individuals. These strong relationships deliver mutual benefit for all and ensure the correct interpretation of regulation rules and guidance, in order for Etrading Software to work in the best interest of its clients.

Involvement with Industry Standards Bodies

Etrading Software works with industry standards bodies to help shape standards. The management team is directly involved with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the FIX Trading Community.



Highly Skilled Technology Centre

Etrading Software is comprised of 100 employees across two locations: London and Manilla. Headquartered in London, by bringing together a skilled, proven team with the right structure and operating models, Etrading is able to offer the best service and technology to its customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. Staff turnover is consistently low in both locations, meaning expertise is built and maintained, and long-term relationships flourish.

Etrading Software was founded with the goal of bringing efficiency and stability to the burgeoning electronic trading markets.

The Etrading partners and senior team have years of experience in financial markets, and are well connected to key participants in the industry as well as the regulators. The partners are very involved in the standards setting process through their involvement with the FIX Trading Community, ISO working groups, and British Standards Institute.


The business has continued to evolve and grow form the early consultancy, and now comprises multiple business units focused on building and implementing technology solutions, providing managed services, and continuing to provide expertise across a wide range of finance industry specialities.

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