Etrading Software is the global provider of technology-led solutions designed to assist financial institutions and industry initiatives address highly complex and constantly evolving market and regulatory challenges. The Group has offices in Europe and Asia, with headquarters in London.




Etrading Software designs, builds and manages mission-critical, capital markets platforms allowing clients to keep full governance and control using transparent and vendor-neutral solutions. A track record of working with multiple consortia through a mutualised approach, Etrading Software provides firms with the flexibility to not only meet new market and regulatory requirements but also continue to maintain and enhance such mutualised solutions while retaining control of the associated intellectual property and governance.


Neptune Networks Ltd.

As the technology services provider to Neptune Networks, we operate the network that delivers high-quality bond market data from sell-side banks to buy-side clients. Our technology enables real-time connectivity between banks and investors which leads to meaningful conversations, satisfying the immediate requirements of each party and ultimately, increasing trade volumes.


As the Management Services Partner for the ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB), we operate the fully automated generator of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) for OTC derivatives. Our technology connects the global top 100 derivatives participants in real-time to the golden source for OTC derivatives financial instrument reference data.



In partnership with Artis Holdings, we have launched a new loan platform – LABS – to help provide automation and bring much needed efficiencies to the Loan Market.  Where voice trading and spreadsheets currently dominate, Etrading Software and Artis Holdings’ new LABS system, brings efficiencies, by automating and streamlining aspects of the sales and trading process.



We are delighted to have been selected to create and operate the service to generate Unique Product Identifiers for OTC Derivatives as mandated by the Financial Stability Board. This work is being performed as part of our Management Services Provider mandate for the ANNA DSB.


We are delighted to have been nominated by the International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) as the exclusive Registration Authority for their new standard for Digital Token Identifiers (DTIs)


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