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What we offer

Industry-led Initiatives

Etrading Software has a proven record of working with consortia to design, implement and operate technology-based services – from incubation to execution – that help solve common challenges faced by the industry. The management team is able to facilitate the complex task of consensus-building within financial institutions. Etrading Software then implements the appropriate infrastructure and technology, utilising best-practice client-centric governance models to mutualise costs by standardising common services and operations.

The Derivatives Service Bureau

A global numbering agency for OTC derivatives serving the needs of market participants through the allocation of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs). The DSB has generated more then 54 million ISINs to date, covering OTC Derivatives of Equity, FX, Rates, Credit, Commodities and more. The service generates 75% of all sell-side OTC ISINs.



Management Expertise

The Etrading Software management team is highly experienced at framing and navigating complex decision making structures in order to facilitate impactful and timely decision making. The management team do this with rigorous focus on proper governance in order to make it easy for the participants to focus on the key areas upon which decisions are required.


Design Build Operate

Etrading Software works with financial institutions to advise, design, implement and manage technology solutions on an on-going basis. Whereas many firms simply implement the solution and leave the rest to the organisation, Etrading Software can provide the full support to see the project through, beyond implementation.


Incubation Services

Etrading Software incubates new ideas and new technologies for individual organisations or groups of organisations in the financial markets. Etrading works with organisations to understand the challenges they face in order to create a solution that is specifically tailored to their needs, working from the top down.


Transparency and Control

While Etrading Software can offer a fully managed solution, it can also step out of the project at any phase at the request of the organisation. At our core, we believe that our clients should have the option to maintain full control and ownership of technology projects. Etrading offers the flexibility to step in and manage and execute operations if needed, or provide a guided transition to in-house teams or third-parties based on the client’s needs.


Global Expertise

Much of the work Etrading Software performs has global implications. Etrading has worked with some of the largest banks in the world that have a global reach and has first-hand knowledge and experience of what global enterprises require.


Ease of Connectivity

Etrading Software has built infrastructure with the entire marketplace in mind, using open standards and leading technology to make connectivity to the marketplace as seamless and efficient as possible.


Multi-asset Class

Etrading Software has strong knowledge of the FICC markets and the challenges of each specific asset class. This allows Etrading to design technology solutions that can be used across asset class, with the focus being on improving workflows and efficiencies.


Standardised Products

Etrading Software provides front office solutions for the Capital Markets, and works with banks, investment firms and other platforms and technology providers.



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