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Launched in partnership with Coefficient Markets LLC, in its simplest form, the loans desktop platform is a reliable & user-friendly data aggregation tool built with front office users in mind, in order to enhance their workflow and ensure they can take advantage of every opportunity to engage clients with real-time, targeted information.

key features

Bespoke Solution

A purpose-built system tailored to the nature of client interactions and coveted intelligence in the loan space.

Support for Rapid Data Input

Designed to facilitate rapid input of client data in a user-friendly, sales-orientated manner.

Big Data for Analysis

All data (including history up to 10 years) can be stored in 1 database to allow continuous real-time analysis and tracking.

Quick Navigation

Quick navigation between screens. a.) Client’s interests in a deal (i.e. Holdings, Trades, Axes, Client colour b.) All client info on 1 page

Optimized UI

Optimized user interface that gives greater control to the users and the firm and allows straight forward filtering, navigation (using links), grouping and summarization of info.

Flexible Data Integration

Flexible in design to incorporate further data streams from internal or external sources as required to give Sales and Trading the best opportunity to service their clients needs.

Client Portfolio Trading

Suggest and respond to portfolio trades directly with a single client easily through a shared interface.

Use real-time information to make proactive investment decisions

EPIC Mirror, the buyside complement to Coefficient’s existing EPIC sell-side workflow management product, aggregates market pricing and liquidity directly from participating dealers in real-time, allowing asset managers to increase the speed and efficiency of their trades. 

key features

Buyside-Centric Solution

Built specifically for the needs and systems of portfolio managers and buyside traders.

Support For Real-Time Data

Designed to directly connect to Coefficient’s sell-side platform, EPIC, enabling data feeds in real-time.

Robust Data Storage

All pricing and trading data will be stored prospectively for in-depth analysis.

Simplified User Interface

A user interface optimized for the display of all data necessary to engage a trade in a single screen.

Flexible Data Integration

Ability to incorporate additional data streams as needed to provide complete details on any loan.

Easy Audit Trail for Compliance

Complete electronic tracking of executed and rejected trades to ease compliance auditing.

Direct Dealer Portfolio Trading

Initiate and send a portfolio trade directly to the EPIC dealer of your choice as well as respond to dealer suggested trades via a shared interface.

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