The Digital Token Identifier Foundation to display risk metrics from DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting

The Digital Token Identifier Foundation to display risk metrics from DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting

Risk metrics scores with DTIs for common tokens

London, 19th December 2023: The Digital Token Identifier Foundation (DTIF), created by Etrading Software (ETS) to provide ISO standard identifiers for digital assets based on open data principles, today announced an agreement with DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting to display a ‘Crypto Risk Metrics Score’ on Digital Token Identifiers (DTIs) for the most commonly traded tokens. The Metric Score, combined with the DTI standard, aims to bring further transparency to the digital assets and crypto market.

The DTIF’s DTI is an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standard (ISO 24165) and a golden source of reference data for uniquely identifying digital tokens. DTI is recommended under the ESMA DLT Pilot Regime and is being considered under ESMA MiCA consultation. Approximately 1850 DTIs have now been issued. Where the DTIF’s DTI already uniquely identifies the implementation of the token on a DLT, the newly attached risk metric score – which standard version will be provided free to all DTIF registry users – will be determined from a variety of different data points and will take into account regulatory requirements from national, international and European organisations, as well as regulatory authorities. The DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting, founded in 2018 as a boutique Blockchain-Consultancy, was part of numerous projects for banks, asset managers and custodians – one of them being the first regulated German AIF with direct crypto-exposure. With their ‘Crypto Risk Metrics’ Software (, DLC provides the first IDW 951 audited system for risk assessments for digital assets. 

Tim Zölitz, CFO & CRO at DLC, comments, “The cooperation with DTIF as a provider of ESMA recommended ISO codes for digital assets under its DLT pilot scheme is a big step for us – on the one hand, it confirms our first-mover position in the market of risk scores for digital assets in Europe, and on the other it contributes towards enabling companies to establish adequate risk management solutions for assets like Bitcoin, Ether etc. We see this cooperation as confirmation that our system is perceived as a leader in the European market and are, of course, very pleased about this.”

Denis Dounaev, Product Owner of DTIF, comments, “We are excited to partner with DLC to add the first set of risk scores to the DTI registry, available for free to our users. Digital asset markets exhibit new risks that do not exist in traditional financial markets and require a novel approach which DLC provides. With this partnership, we are expanding the registry beyond offering a unique identifier based on an ISO standard to a set of tools to empower our users to make more informed decisions in this ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Please get in touch with the DTIF Foundation here:, and more information is available here:

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